Family tree

This is the home page for my family tree content.  From here it branches to each family group.

At the moment this is only a skeleton and I have more information (as others do) that isn’t published here.  I hope over time it will grow and be added to with my own research and contributions by others.

For the sake of clarity I try to standardize spellings and variants to those shown below but anyone who has tried this before will know that there are many variations, either deliberate, misinformed or misinterpretted.  For each name I try to provide a page and information about these variations for example Keefe, Keeffe, Keif, O’Keef, O’Keeffe etc.

Table of the main surname and locations.

Family Names Locations Relationship Link
Burke Ireland, England Ellen Burke
Cormack, McCormack Ireland Anne Cormack
Davis England Sarah Davis
Flood Ireland, USA Mary Flood
Gay Ireland, England William Gay
Hofstätter Germany, Austria, England 
Hunt England Grace Lilian Hunt
Kaveney Ireland, England Arthur Kaveney
Keeffe, O'Keefe Ireland, USA Catherine "Kate" Keeffe
Taylor England Ellen Taylor
McHowe England Ann McHowe
West England Elizabeth West
Wise England 
Cahill Ireland, USA 
Cullen Ireland, USA 
Flynn Ireland, USA 
Fox England Rebecca Fox
Raby England 
Ennis Ireland, USA 
Spencer England Ada Spencer
Smith England Elizabeth Smith
Farrow England 
Whelehan Ireland Hannah/Anne Whelehan
Coyne Ireland Catherine Coyne

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